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Charity eventCultural exchangeIn December 2016, the Dance Art Troupe was named as the Futian District Mass Culture Brand Team by the Futian District Propaganda Department of Shenzhen. The Futian Public Welfare Project “Futian Dance Collection” and the Shenzhen Municipal Culture and Sports Tourism Bureau hosted the community-based grassroots activities. “Public welfare culture enters the community”
Dance class,children's danceThe dance dance group danced from the dolls in December, and combined the basic education of dance with the stage display to form a relatively complete and scientific teaching system from the age of 3 to 16 years old, pursuing “people-oriented” The educational philosophy of “teaching students according to their aptitude” focuses on the development of students' potential, moral cultivation and individualized development.
Art consultant, strong lineupMany dance artists from the palace level joined; signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the Singapore Chinese Dance Association and the Berlin Ballet School in Germany
Dance teacher, Member of BalletOur dance teachers graduated from art colleges and have many years of rich teaching experience, which can better inherit the beauty, church beauty and create beautiful dance career.
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